Celebrating our female leaders for International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women ’s Day on Sunday (8th March), we are turning the spotlight on two of our wonderful care home managers, Sue Kent and Agnieszka Orlowska, who have devoted their careers to working for us here at Hartford Care.


Sue and Aga are two of the 14 female managers of Hartford Care’s homes across the south of England.

Here’s Sue, who is Manager of Newland House in Witney, Oxfordshire, talking about why her career in caring is so important to her.


“ I started working with the elderly when I was 14 years old, peeling spuds in care home kitchen!!


“I’ve progressed a little since then and though it seems a lifetime ago, I never forget how I started. I tried to have some time away from the care home but I missed the hands-on experience and the home life – as hard as it is at times!


“I have been working in Newland House for 25 years , first working part time at the same time as working in another home nearby. Soon, I became a full-time carer, senior carer, deputy manager and then manager. Much has changed over the many years I have been in care but I have always I believed that if a home delivers good care, good standards, makes people’s lives happy, safe and is good to its staff then it’s a good home.


“I’m very proud to work for Hartford Care as they care about the residents and the staff . Managing Newland House is the only thing I want to do. This home is part of me, always has been and always will be. Best of all, I love my job.”


Aga, the Registered Manager of Malden House in Sidmouth, Devon, explains how her career path has progressed since she joined Hartford Care 12 years ago.


“My adventure with Health and Social Care started back in 2008 as a housekeeper in one of the local care homes. At that time, I didn’t realise that this would be the path I would choose.


“Like many people, I started to work in a care home but within a year, I realised that this kind of job is so much more than just a ‘job’. I noticed the passion growing within myself when I was helping vulnerable people to live their everyday life. I met many people along the way who encouraged me to believe in myself and use my potential to undertake my Level 2 and 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care.


“I applied for the Deputy Manager’s position at Malden House in 2014 and this is where I started my journey into becoming a registered manager. In that time, I completed my Level 5 diploma and I will never forget the day I passed my CQC registration.


“At Malden House, I am part of an amazing team who work so hard to make every day count for our residents. It is a privilege to spend the time on daily basis with people like our residents from whom we can learn so much. The best feeling is when you see that you have made a difference to someone’s life.


“The past six years I have spent in Hartford Care has helped me to develop in so many ways on personal and professional levels. I can honestly say that I do grow as a person every day, thanks to support from people around me. What I love about working in Hartford Care is that the people with who you work alongside – whether it is my Malden House team, the Head Office team or managers from other homes – there is always someone who can help, advise or simply share their experience with. For me it is home from home.“

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