Hartford Care marks Dementia Action Week

This week is Dementia Action Week, organised by the Alzheimer’s Society, which highlights with the right support, people living with dementia can have a good quality of life, doing what matters most to them.


Several of Hartford Care’s 16 care homes have organised activities for their residents living with dementia, many of which are centred on making memories and learning something new.


Learning together

Residents and team making sconesAt Malden House in Sidmouth, Devon, the team combined Dementia Action Week with Learning at Work Week. The week started with a bake-off competition when staff and residents were divided into two teams, their task being to make scones.


The idea behind this was to learn more about nutrition, demonstrating the importance of using all their senses and means of communication when working as a team. Residents have been baking all their lives so this is an important skill for them to continue using.


They also all enjoyed a keep fit session to promote physical activity and residents’ mobility, together with the staff reflecting on their health and fitness. Here’s the video of the session.


Mocktails were also on the menu to promote innovative ways to keep hydrated, as dehydration can have a negative impact on those living with dementia. There was also a workshop centred on improving communication with people who live with dementia, and the week ended with some team-building exercises.


Celebrating uniqueness

Tegfield House in Winchester celebrated the uniqueness of its ladies and gentlemen by taking a series of stunning black and white photographs to illustrate how each of their residents have positive qualities beyond dementia.


Dog therapy

Highfield Nursing Home in Ryde, Isle of Wight, is known as an “animal welcome” home and dogs have played an important role for its residents living with dementia.


Residents can express their affection and emotion as soon as they hug a dog, perhaps bringing back memories of a much-loved pet, talking to the dogs like they are a long-lost friend.


Highfield residents have also been very creative, painting large baked bean tin cans and decorating them with twine then using them to plant herbs.


Making Memories

At Newland House in Witney, the ladies and gentlemen there have been making memory books full of photographs of them and the many activities they have enjoyed, pictures of flowers and favourite places.


Resident Showing her memory boxMemories are also being made at Springfield Nursing Home in Shanklin, Isle of Wight, where permanent resident Dorothy loves her memory box. She is so keen to show it to people and talk about her memories, especially when she is having a difficult day as her memory box takes her back to happy times.  It is such a success, some more memory boxes will be made for other residents.


Places have also been a talking point at Stokeleigh in Bristol where residents and staff visited Italy during its monthly Country of the World Day. During the day, the residents enjoyed Italian music, a typical Italian lunch with wine and, using VR glasses, they went on a virtual trip around Rome.


May is Hartford Care’s Health and Fitness Month so these enjoyable activities for Dementia Action Week have really helped our residents and teams with their well-being as well as having lots of fun learning together.


More information on our dementia care can be found here

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