Tough Mudder team triumph

They did it!

Hartford Care’s Tough Mudder Team triumphed amongst the mud and mayhem on the 5k course in Badminton, Gloucestershire on Saturday. En route, Jo, Nicky and Maryanne overcame 13 obstacles and all returned together in one piece.

Reflecting on their achievement, the three of them shared some personal thoughts.


“When I said at a senior management meeting earlier this year that I would like to do Tough Mudder, everyone looked at me as though I was mad. But Jo being Jo said, ‘If you really want to do it then I will do it with you’ so no backing out for me after that! We then also got Maryanne on board and ‘Sean’s Angels’ were formed!

“Fast forward to Saturday, we all travelled up together and the car was filled with lot of nervous energy but also excitement. For me, the physically toughest was ‘Hero Wall’. There were three walls to climb over, each one a lot taller than the previous one. I still do not know how we all managed to get over that third wall, but we did and this really motivated us to push on. The obstacles that were the most fun had to be the mud and water ones – didn’t we laugh!!

“It was the most amazing experience and holding hands as we crossed the finished line we couldn’t quite believe that we had done it and in a great time as well!. One thing that will stick in my mind was the camaraderie from every single person taking part. It’s a day that will stay with me forever and I couldn’t have wished to have done it with two more supportive and gutsy girls!

“We are now all grazed, bruised and ache in places we never knew existed until now, but wouldn’t change a thing!”


“I ache in places I didn’t know existed!! Well what can I say? It was tough! I struggled with the running pace, but I did it. I did not really start enjoying it until I hit the mud then it all got much more fun.

“My favourite obstacle was mud mile – a mile of high mud hills and water filled trenches. You couldn’t really climb or hold on as it was too slippery and you had to go down the other side of the hills like it was a slide. Even as a child, I wasn’t allowed to get that muddy. The girls were amazing and patient with me at times but all in all it was amazing, and we have bonded even more which is lovely.”


“When I made the commitment to do the Tough Mudder, I hadn’t got a clue what I’d let myself in for apart from the fact that whenever I told anyone what I was going to do, they said ‘oh wow – rather you than me!’

“I couldn’t believe how nervous and emotional I felt in the week before and on the day. Whilst I wasn’t looking forward to the event, I was more nervous about not being able to complete it and let everyone down so there was no option – I had to finish it.

“Maryanne, Nicky and I were quiet as we waited in the ‘holding area’ but we were given a special mention as the ‘Macmillan team’ and got whooped and cheered by other teams, which eased the tension and reminded us of why we were doing it.

“The hardest obstacle for me was the first where there were walls over which we had to get ourselves, the last one being huge. A guy from another team really supported us over the last two walls, but even being stood on his shoulders, I couldn’t reach the top of the wall….so he hoisted and shoved and I scrambled and eventually I got a hand hold and scrambled up. Huge thanks go to everyone who physically supported us!!

“I absolutely loved it – I loved the mud mile which we crawled, slid, scrambled, heaved and climbed through, the water which we had to go under, over and through…the climbing under and up net. It was a fabulous challenge which we all met head on despite fears and phobias.

“One very special part for me was when we passed an older gentleman being supported by his wife and daughter who were all running for epilepsy. We were all there for other people and charities to help others which made it an even more special bonding experience.

“Being able to share the experience with two gorgeous girls who laughed and yelled and gritted their teeth with me was the best bit!! I am so lucky to be part of a team with Maryanne and Nicky – they were fabulous.

“My body bears the bruises, cuts and aches but my heart if filled with pride at what we achieved and how much support we received by good will messages and the monetary contributions towards Macmillan Cancer Support.”

They tackled the course to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and the donations are still coming in. If you would like to contribute, please go to:

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