Sibling Bonds: A Look Inside Care Homes

It’s National Sibling Day this Wednesday, April 10th. To celebrate, we’ve written a blog to tell the stories of some siblings in our care homes. From moments of laughter to acts of unwavering support, our homes are filled with tales of sibling love and friendship that inspire and uplift us all.

Read the stories of Abbey Doyle, our home manager at Bethel House, and a resident who lives at Ashley Grange. They honour the special relationships and reflect on the enduring connections that make our communities feel like family.


Abbey Doyle, Home Manager of Bethel House –

“I began my journey at Hartford Care in April 2012 as a care assistant at Woodlands House. Over 9 years, I progressed to become a home manager. One of my driving forces in choosing a career in care was the loss of my best friend to cancer. This inspired me to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.


Sophie started her journey at Hartford Care in July 2012 as a housekeeper at Woodlands House and has since become a care practitioner. Our time together at Woodlands House has been filled with both challenges and triumphs. From navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to celebrating Sophie’s motherhood to two beautiful boys. Although it was difficult to leave Woodlands House in 2022, I am grateful for the strong bond Sophie and I formed over the years, despite not seeing her every day.


Although we were close friends, we both had a shared commitment to providing caring and compassionate services to our residents, making sure they felt comfortable and at ease. Our connection also went beyond our professional duties, and we developed long-lasting bonds with others. In addition, our mother became an administrator at Ashley Grange in 2022, making another member of the Doyle family part of the Hartford Care team.


Sammy Rowe, Resident from Ashley Grange –

Sam and Beryl, two siblings with a special bond, are enjoying their time together at Ashley Grange. Although their start in life was tough, losing their mother at a young age and growing up with a strict father, they pulled together to help each other and became very close. All ten children served in various branches of the services, with Sam joining the Navy at just 11 years old and never returning home to live with his family. Despite the distance, the siblings’ bond remained strong. Beryl went on to serve in the WAAF and later became a nurse and sister at Odstock Hospital.

Today, Sam and Beryl are the only surviving siblings and cherish memories of their beloved brothers and sisters. Beryl moved to Ashley Grange for more support. After a two-week holiday with his sister, Sam decided to make the Grange his home too. The staff supported them by arranging their rooms close together. Assisting the siblings in visiting each other and walking together to communal areas for meals and group entertainment.

Although they enjoy socialising with other residents; Sam and Beryl are never far apart. They even managed to enjoy dancing together, thanks to the support of the staff.



As we celebrate National Sibling Day, Abbey’s and Sammy’s stories remind us of the enduring strength of family bonds. Amidst the ups and downs of life, siblings like Abbey & Sophie, and Sammy & Beryl, provide unwavering support. Lighting each other’s way through life’s winding paths. Today, and every day, let us honour the special bond of siblings and the love that knows no bounds.

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