A Day in the Life of a Carer

Gemma who works as a carer at Newland House tells us about her typical day.


How I got into care

I decided to go into care over 15 years ago and I still love my job as much as the day I started. I love working with older people.


What I do

My role is to assist those who need support to remain independent as well as helping those who are unable to do something for themselves.


My typical day

With the rest of the Newland team, we devise a plan to support the residents. I say hello to those already awake and offer them a cup of tea.


I help residents to wash and dress so that they can present themselves in a way in which they are proud. This can often involve me becoming a hairdresser to style their hair or doing a quick manicure! After getting everybody up and dressed, we begin with a round-up of the day’s news and a coffee morning.


We also organise activities that the residents all really enjoy. It’s great to see the residents smile and laugh with each other. I love to listen to their stories: equally, they love to hear mine. Time flies and before you know it, it’s time for lunch.


Care is more than just supporting our residents physically. It is equally important to support everybody’s emotional well-being. If they need a hand to hold, I’m there. If they need a friend to laugh with, I will be that friend and if they need a shoulder to cry on, I’m there for them.


What I love most of all about my job

It is, without doubt, the relationships that develop between residents and staff. It’s such a strong bond and I feel as if the residents are part of my family.

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