Day in The Life of an Activity Coordinator

Angela Edwards and Dee Cooper are Highfield Nursing Home’s Activities Coordinators. Here, they tell us about their role and how they work together to coordinate all the wonderful activities for Highfield’s residents.


Our journey into care

Dee: I have been working within care for most of my career so when the Activities Coordinator role came up, it was a great opportunity to branch out slightly. I was thrilled when I was offered the role as I had so many ideas of how to bring more happiness to Highfield’s residents.


Angela: I began working as Activities Coordinator more than five years ago. I had no experience within care work or activities, but a friend recommended me after she’d taken an interest in my work with a charity, helping to dress their window displays. She thought my creative flair and ideas could be utilised and shared with the residents.


Our role

We coordinate all Highfield’s activities, events and outings. The key is to ensure there’s something for everyone, creating activities for the varying needs of our residents. We incorporate a balance of social and educational activities, from seasonal arts and crafts and baking to science lessons, local history excursions – even special visitors, including some of the furry varieties!


Much of our inspiration comes from talking to residents and their families, discovering their hobbies, interests and what they enjoy doing. We’ll find ways to incorporate these ideas into our programme so all residents can enjoy them. We also take advantage of our local resources in our community. We’re regulars at the local library, researching local history and new hobbies , crafts or skills that we can introduce to our residents.


Our first job each day is to remind the residents of the activities planned and to encourage as many to attend as possible. The morning sessions often cater for our residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s. These activities involve reminiscing and always get lots of smiles. After lunch, it’s one-to-one time, where we take the activities to our residents who are bed-bound or wish to stay in their room so they can enjoy in their own space. Then come the afternoon activities which are designed for all.


Why we love working for Hartford Care

Our job is so rewarding. Not only do we get to spend much of our day interacting with the residents, but by encouraging them to be as active as they can both mentally and physically, it contributes towards their overall well-being. And seeing the joy written all over their faces is priceless!

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