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Enhancing Health and Safety Practices: Hartford Care’s Strategy

Amidst a phase of expansion, Hartford Care has opted to internalise its Health and Safety management, moving away from reliance on external providers. This strategic shift entails the appointment of a Group Health and Safety Manager. Tasked to align safety protocols with our risk profile and operational needs. Fostering ongoing enhancements typical of robust management systems. 


Hartford Care’s Health and Safety Strategy –

Recently, the Board of Directors finalised the Terms of Reference for the newly formed Hartford Care Health and Safety Committee. This initiative aims to convene team members from various operational spheres, facilitating comprehensive consultations on all health and safety matters. 

Recognising the paramount importance of equipping all home managers with the requisite safety knowledge. Hartford Care is steadfast in ensuring that our teams and residents inhabit the safest possible environments. Supplementing the support rendered by our newly onboarded safety manager, all incumbent home managers will undergo the IOSH Managing Safely training. As part of their induction, bolstering their competency in safety management. 

Given the vulnerability of our residents and the grave consequences of fire incidents; Hartford Care remains steadfast in fortifying our fire safety measures. A recent enhancement involves the deployment of remote fire alarm monitoring across all our homes, ensuring prompt response to any fire emergency. This addition instils confidence in both our teams and residents, knowing that the Fire & Rescue Service stands primed to intervene swiftly.

Continuous upskilling forms a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. Recent training initiatives targeting our maintenance and catering teams exemplify our dedication to self-sufficiency and holistic team development. 

While the year has commenced on a bustling note, Hartford Care remains poised for further progress. As we navigate these transformative shifts in our safety protocols. Prioritising open communication and engagement with our teams and residents is paramount. Our concerted efforts aim to nurture a safety culture that evolves in tandem with our business pursuits.


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