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We’re firmly into the new year and have said goodbye to 2023, but we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the works and improvements Hartford Care made to its existing group of homes over the last year.


With two brand new homes opening and another established home acquired in 2023, there was a danger that focus could be lost on our existing group of homes, but that has certainly not been the case.


We spent £8 million on capital expense investments across our existing homes in a mix of new improvements and refurbishments. Overall, this money was spent on the following:


  • Solar panel installation and energy-saving initiatives
  • Extensive hard landscaping works
  • External painting
  • Extensive refurbishment works
  • Key infrastructure and plant upgrades
  • New equipment and furniture
  • Planning applications for three extensions and seven cottages
  • Four new ensuite bedrooms added to the portfolio
  • Planning applications for a further 122 beds across the homes
  • Completion of central support office extension.


The above is an overall picture of where money was spent to improve our homes, but we have also listed below how each of our existing homes benefited individually.


Ashley Grange – £300,000

  • Extensive landscaping to the front of the building
  • New tarmac to carpark
  • Refurbishment of 12 bedrooms
  • Solar Panels.


Belford House – £411,000

  • Full refurbishment
  • One new hydro spa bath
  • New kitchen servery in dining room
  • Painting of external
  • Refurbishment of windows
  • Solar panels.


Bethel – £520,000

  • Refurbishment of communal areas throughout
  • New artwork and furniture
  • Creation of one new bedroom and three new ensuite wet rooms
  • Refurbishment of two communal bathrooms
  • New windows, render, and fascia
  • New patios and new garden furniture.


Boulters Lock – £320,000

  • Painting of external
  • Painting of communal areas throughout
  • New communal shower room
  • Communal bathroom refurbished
  • Solar panels.


Burnham Lodge – £825,000

  • Refurbishment of 20 bedrooms and all communal areas
  • Eight new ensuite wet rooms
  • Internal refurbishment
  • External hard landscaping and car park works
  • Refurbishment of bay windows
  • New servery kitchen to dining room
  • Solar panels.


The Elms – £365,000

  • New tarmac and lining to car park
  • painting of external
  • New hydro spa bath
  • New boilers
  • Internal refurbishment of corridors
  • Solar panels.


Hartford Court – £460,000

  • Creation of four new ensuite bedrooms
  • Decoration of all communal areas and corridors
  • New servery counter on first floor
  • New aircon units for communal spaces
  • New furniture throughout
  • New artwork throughout
  • New garden furniture.


Highfield – £260,000

  • Refurbishment of five bedrooms with new ensuite wet rooms
  • Painting of communal corridors
  • New artwork
  • Solar panel installation.


Laurels and Pine Lodge – £950,000

  • Full internal refurbishment
  • New artwork and furniture throughout
  • Extensive soft and hard landscaping
  • New extension
  • Full refurbishment to 15 bedrooms and new staff accommodation
  • New kitchen serveries
  • M and E plant upgrades
  • Painting of external.


Malden – £180,000

  • Decoration and carpet of all communal areas and corridors
  • New artwork throughout
  • Solar panels.


Newlands- £280,000

  • Painting to all corridors and communal areas
  • New furniture
  • New artwork throughout
  • Solar panels.


Springfield- £200,000

  • Painting of all window frames
  • New patio doors
  • Refurbishment of bedrooms
  • New garden furniture.


West Cliff Hall – £785,000

  • Tarmac to carpark
  • Landscaping
  • Painting of all communal areas
  • New flooring in all communal areas
  • Painting of external
  • New rear terrace
  • New furniture
  • New kitchen extract
  • New aircon in laundry
  • Solar panels.


Woodlands House- £437,000

  • Creation of two new ensuite wet rooms
  • Extensive M and E plant replacement
  • Decoration and new carpet in nine bedrooms
  • Decoration and new carpets in all communal areas and corridors
  • Decoration and new kitchen to staff accommodation.
  • New artwork throughout
  • Façade painted and cleaned.


Our Estates team will continue carrying out improvement works to all of our existing homes in such a way that residents are disturbed as little as possible. As always, our goal is to improve the lives of our residents by increasing comfort, activity options, and happiness.


Whilst future improvements will continue across all our homes, we do have some major upcoming projects to watch out for, including:


  • Ashley Grange – 41 Beds – planning approval anticipated April 2024
  • Belford – 23 Bed building – planning approval anticipated May 2024
  • Burnham Lodge – 42 Beds standalone building – pre-application submitted
  • West Cliff Hall – 28 Bed standalone building – pre-application submitted
  • Woodlands – 26 Bed extension – planning approval anticipated May 2024


Our Estates and Development Director Patrick Murtagh stated:


“I am pleased with how smoothly and quickly our plan of action has progressed as we make extensions and improvements across our portfolio. 2023 was a big year for the Estates team, the number of enhancements made across the group of homes is a real achievement and I am proud of my team for everything we have accomplished.”


Patrick is diligent in posting galleries with building and work updates which we often share on the Hartford Care LinkedIn page, so keep an eye out for updates from both accounts to follow our improvement journey.

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